We require food on a daily basis. These days many suffer from poor health due to diet and are experiencing multiple allergies that are forcing a change in the way we eat. The average grocery store is full of food that does not serve our bodies or our minds but instead poisons them and creates addictions to products that are participating in the destruction of mother nature’s complexity.

This is a simple site dedicated to sharing basic healthy recipes for food everyone can love, food that will love them back. I aspire to condense my knowledge and creativity to create the most nutritious and delicious versions of the recipes I use most frequently. I recommend buying organic groceries and local whenever possible. Food connects us on many levels and I believe when we take the opportunity to improve that connection we move towards positive change in our relationships with people and the earth.

My journey began with the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and inspiring girlfriends who were into herbs and living foods. I found my family was slow to accept diet changes so I amped up my desserts to gain some trust and found ways to make them just a little more healthy. This year with the garden coming to fruition  I will be posting all kinds of garden inspired dinners and snacks.